electronic commerce

Amazon's incredible, vanishing cardboard box

Happy Amazon Prime week, the discount-fest that will clutter front stoops and front desks with packages bearing that ubiquitous smiling arrow. It's a reminder that the incredible rise of e-commerce has come encased in a cardboard box, plus a lot of filler to protect items on the way there.

Absurdly fast shipping has a hidden cost

Search. Compare options. Click buy. Look out for a package on your doorstep the next day, or even that same day, without ever having to get in your car. The mail truck comes by and drops off your order with a bunch of others, probably on a route she would've been driving anyway, no extra trip needed. Totally green, right?

Retailers are among 2019's worst stocks

Looking for more proof of just how hard it is for traditional retailers to compete in a world that's increasingly dominated by Amazon? Nordstrom and Gap are the worst-performing stocks in the S&P 500 so far this year.

Thrive Market forced to stop selling CBD

Thrive Market, an online natural and organic products marketplace, said it is shelving its catalog of hemp extracts and topicals at the demand of the company that processes its customer payments.

NYC subway finally getting mobile payments

Tapping your phone to make a payment is slowly gaining popularity in the United States — and now some public transportation systems are trying out the technology to make it quicker for customers to purchase fares.