Amanda Knox to return to Italy for 1st time since acquittal

Amanda Knox says she is returning to Italy for the first time since she was convicted and imprisoned, but ultimately acquitted, in the murder and sexual assault of her British roommate in the hilltop university town of Perugia.

Brexit battles are about to get much bloodier

On Friday, the United Kingdom missed its second Brexit deadline. By accepting the European Union's offer to remain until October 31, Theresa May all but guaranteed that the UK, which voted to leave the EU nearly three years ago, will participate i

Brexit is paralyzed and so is UK economy

The inability of UK politicians to agree how to leave the European Union has plunged Brexit into chaos and helped paralyze the British economy.

Topless protesters distract lawmakers during Brexit debate

Around a dozen climate change activists stripped down to their underwear and glued their hands to various surfaces in the House of Commons' public gallery as lawmakers debated Monday's vote on Brexit alternatives on the floor of the Chamber below.

Theresa May's job getting harder by day

Taking a break from the EU-Arab League summit in Sharm el-Sheikh on Sunday evening, Theresa May was challenged to a quick game of pool by Italian PM Giuseppe Conte. It turns out her pool skills are not much better than her dance moves -- to the delight of people commenting on Twitter back in Britain.

What's next for Theresa May after yet another Brexit failure?

After British Prime Minister Theresa May suffered another humiliating defeat in the House of Commons, her Brexit plans are no closer to coming together than they were a week ago. In fact, last night's events have pushed Britain closer to a no-deal exit from Europe -- and put her strategy in even greater disarray.