Feds issue big fine to 2 Yakima County fruit companies

YAKIMA, Wash. (AP) — The federal government has issued big fines against two Yakima County fruit companies for missing the annual deadline for filing forms reporting that their facilities store anhydrous ammonia. Stadelman Fruit LLC was fined $238,875 by the…

Creative things to do with Thanksgiving leftovers

You may have had to unbuckle your belt and loosen up your pants after that third plate of food from Thanksgiving dinner last night. You also probably promised yourself that you would start your New Year's resolution to start dieting and get in shape early.

How Georgia's wine industry came back from oblivion

Six thousand years before Christ turned water into wine, the ancestors of modern-day Georgia were turning grapes into it. It's thanks to these imaginative Stone Age sapiens that today we enjoy Gamay from Beaujolais, Chianti from Tuscany, Rioja from Navarro and Cabernet Sauvignon everywhere from France to New Zealand.