DOJ says it plans to print census without citizenship question

The Trump administration said Tuesday that it will not ask about citizenship status on the 2020 census, backing off a contentious effort to reinstate the question over objections from opponents who successfully argued to the Supreme Court that it would disenfranchise minority gro

Supreme Court allows partisan gerrymandering to continue

The Supreme Court said Thursday that federal courts must stay out of disputes over when politicians go too far in drawing district lines for partisan gain -- a dramatic and sweeping ruling that could fundamentally affect the balance of power in state legislatures and Congress.

Judges could decide balance of power in NC

A federal court's rejection of North Carolina's GOP-rigged congressional district map has thrown in doubt 13 voting districts just months before the November midterm elections, along with prospects for the Republican and Democratic parties in the state and perhaps even the full US House of Representatives.

Supreme Court not finding consensus on gerrymandering

The Supreme Court appears deeply divided about whether it can address partisan gerrymandering and come up with a standard to decide when politicians go too far in using politics to draw congressional districts that benefit one party over another.