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Booker doubles down on ‘Medicare for all,' private insurance plans

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Cory Booker doubled down on his decision to support a "Medicare for All" bill that would effectively eliminate private insurance plans while also supporting individuals' ability to maintain private insurance plans under the system, saying his support for both will help such a proposal pass through Congress should he become president.

Bloomberg: Medicare-for-all 'would bankrupt us'

Former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg said Tuesday that replacing private, employer-provided health insurance was financially impossible and a Medicare-for-all system, a popular progressive policy, would not work in the US.

Majority favor 'Medicare-for-all,' but with a catch

Most Americans want a version of Medicare for everyone, which is good news for presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris and other Democrats who support "Medicare-for-all," a national health care proposal in which people would get their insurance from a single government plan.

Outgoing Democrat senator issues warning

Outgoing Indiana Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly said Democrats need to be careful in promoting too many progressive ideas in red states like his because they'll "start losing the people in my state."