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Source: Trump often unprepared for foreign leader calls

President Donald Trump was often so unprepared for calls with foreign leaders that he was coached by several staff members and advisers as the calls took place to avoid veering off track, a source familiar with the calls through White House chief of staff John Kelly's tenure, which ended in December 2018, told CNN.

Trump's mood takes a foul turn

A political clobbering, bickering aides and now a public grenade launched across the White House by the first lady have placed President Donald Trump in a position he loathes: backed into a corner.

Kelly grabbed Lewandowski by the collar last winter

Chief of staff John Kelly got into a physical altercation with former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski last winter, grabbing him by the collar and trying to have him removed from the White House, two sources familiar with the incident confirmed to CNN.

Bolton and Kelly get into heated shouting match

A heated argument in the West Wing between chief of staff John Kelly and national security adviser John Bolton over a recent surge in border crossings turned into a shouting match Thursday, two sources familiar with the argument told CNN.