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DOJ says it plans to print census without citizenship question

The Trump administration said Tuesday that it will not ask about citizenship status on the 2020 census, backing off a contentious effort to reinstate the question over objections from opponents who successfully argued to the Supreme Court that it would disenfranchise minority gro

Can Congress see the Mueller grand jury information?

Attorney General William Barr said on Tuesday that he doesn't plan to ask a court for permission to release grand jury details in the Mueller report, but Barr has more say in the matter than just asking a judge.

DOJ hits back at lawsuit seeking Mueller report

The Justice Department on Friday hit back at the first lawsuit seeking the full release of special counsel Robert Mueller's report on Russian interference in the 2016 election, saying, in essence, that they're already working on it.

Judge orders Justice Dept. to turn over Comey memos

A federal judge has ordered that the Justice Department and FBI submit James Comey's memos in full to the court under seal, in a court case brought by CNN and other media organizations for access to the documents memorializing the former FBI director's interactions with President Donald Trump.

Mueller report more than 300 pages, sources say

Special counsel Robert Mueller's confidential report on the Russia investigation is more than 300 pages, according to a Justice Department official and a second source with knowledge of the matter.

The collusion allegation against Manafort that's still unresolved

A key memo in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation accused Paul Manafort of allegedly colluding with the Russian government when he was then-presidential candidate Donald Trump's campaign chairman in 2016 — but a criminal charge never came.