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White House tells Lewandowski not to answer questions

The White House is asserting that two former senior White House aides have immunity from testifying and is directing former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski not to answer questions about events that occurred after President Donald Trump was elected.

Investigation into White House security clearances announced

The House Oversight Committee on Wednesday announced it was launching a "wide-ranging" probe into the White House's handling of its security clearance process, kicking off one of the first high-profile investigations into the Trump administration by the new, Democratic-controlled chamber.

Gary Cohn, Rob Porter push back on Woodward book

One of President Donald Trump's former senior aides and his former chief economic adviser have issued statements claiming that Bob Woodward's bombshell new book, "Fear," is inaccurate and misleading, after the book featured their statements and descriptions of the President's actions in a negative light.

Defiant John Kelly continues to misrepresent his handling of Rob Porter scandal

White House chief of staff John Kelly continued to misrepresent his handling of the dismissal of former top aide Rob Porter on Friday, defiantly obfuscating on exactly what he knew -- and when -- about the extent of the abuse allegations against Porter's two ex-wives. In some instances, Kelly even directly contradicted some of the White House's public statements delivered last month.

What Kushner's clearance downgrade means

President Donald Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, was among those White House officials to see their security clearances downgraded, a potentially significant setback for a senior White House adviser.

Hicks acknowledges white lies, but won't talk White House in testimony

During closed-door testimony that stretched roughly nine hours Tuesday, White House communications director Hope Hicks was pressed about whether she had ever lied for President Donald Trump -- and acknowledged she has had to tell what amounted to white lies, according to a source with direct knowledge of her testimony.

Orrin Hatch apologizes to Rob Porter's ex-wives

The ex-wives of Rob Porter, a White House aide who recently resigned over domestic abuse allegations, say they have received letters of apology from Porter's old boss, Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, who previously defended his former staffer as a "decent man."