New Delhi choking on smog, no end in sight

Residents of India's capital are set to suffer record-levels of smog for at least a week, even as the local government puts in place emergency measures to try and tackle New Delhi's heavily polluted air.

Indonesian fires bring Malaysian smog

As smog from Indonesia's sprawling forest fires chokes neighboring Malaysia, authorities there have distributed 2 million face masks to students in affected areas, state news agency Bernama reported Thursday.

EPA quietly telling states they can pollute more

The Environmental Protection Agency has quietly signaled it may allow states to release more ozone air pollution, commonly known as smog, dirtying the air in those states and neighboring ones, but the agency did not review the health impact of such a move.

Giant towers proposed to clean Delhi's toxic smog

They look lifted from the pages of science fiction: like industrial monoliths from "Blade Runner," or the Martian pods in "War of the Worlds." But these giant towers, looming over the skyline of Delhi, India, land with benevolent intentions.

Tehran blanketed with smog for third day straight

Schools will be closed for the third day straight on Wednesday in parts of Tehran, as severe air pollution continues to blanket the Iranian capital, according to the state-run Press TV. Schools will also be closed in the neighboring Alborz province.