southern border

Trump administration moves to dramatically limit asylum claims

The Trump administration on Monday moved to dramatically limit the ability of Central American migrants to claim asylum if they enter the United States by land through Mexico, the latest attempt by the White House to limit immigration and toughen the US asylum process amid overcrowded conditions at border facilities.

More US troops likely to be sent to southern border

Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan said Friday that the Pentagon has yet to receive a formal request for additional support from the US military on the southern border but he expects that his department will be providing additional support.

Nielsen says she shares Trump 'goal of securing the border'

Outgoing Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen thanked President Donald Trump for the opportunity to serve and said she shared his "goal of securing the border" in brief remarks outside of her home Monday morning.

WH pushing Republicans to reject national emergency rebuke

The White House has been quietly pressuring Republicans in recent days not to buck President Donald Trump and vote in favor of a resolution that would overturn his national emergency declaration on the southern border, warning those who don't get in line that there could be 2020 election consequences.

What a wall means for landowners on the border

Customs and Border Protection has been preparing to acquire land in the Rio Grande Valley for new barriers since last fall, according to a lawsuit challenging President Donald Trump's national emergency declaration.

Trump declares border national emergency to bipartisan skepticism

President Donald Trump on Friday declared a national emergency to unlock billions of dollars in federal funds to build a wall on the southern border, bypassing Congress after lawmakers refused to meet his multi-billion dollar request for border wall funds.

What Trump administration says is happening at border

Officials tasked with carrying out the nation's border security mission are facing a trifecta of migration challenges, along the US-Mexico border, according to officials, as President Donald Trump announces he will declare a national emergency.

Democratic lawmakers to visit US southern border

A small group of Democratic lawmakers is headed to the US-Mexico border this weekend to tour the area, meet with immigrant rights' advocates and be briefed by US Customs and Border Protection.