Hanford High School student dies by suicide

RICHLAND, Wash. — Sadly, a student at Hanford High School in Richland named Emma Wenz passed away over the weekend. She was said to have died by suicide. According to the "Wenz Family Fundraiser" GoFundMe page, Wenz was life-flighted to…

Richland High freshman dies by suicide

RICHLAND, Wash. — A note sent out by the Richland School District confirms that a student at Richland High School died by suicide over the weekend. Limited information has been revealed up to this point: The student was a freshman,…

Why US life expectancy still on decline

Life expectancy at birth -- the average length of time that you are expected to live -- continues to drop for Americans, a new study finds. Drug overdoses, suicides, alcohol-related illnesses and obesity are largely to blame. These problems have been building since the 1980s, according to the study's authors.

2 prison guards charged in Epstein death

Two Bureau of Prisons guards were charged by a federal grand jury Tuesday with conspiracy and filing false records in connection with their actions the night Jeffrey Epstein died in prison.

Suicide attempts by black teens increasing, study says

From 1991 to 2017, the rate of reported suicide attempts by African-American teens rose, especially the rate among black boys, according to a study published Monday in the medical journal Pediatrics. The rate for black youths grew even as the rate of suicide attempts by teens in other racial and ethnic groups fell.

Tennessee teen's family demands justice after his suicide

Channing Smith, a 16-year-old from Manchester, Tennessee, took his own life on Sept. 23 after two classmates publicized screenshots of explicit text conversations he had with another young man. Now, the Smith family is demanding justice for the teen -- and in the process, they're raising awareness of the dangers of cyber bullying.