sundar pichai

Google CEO wants to reach next billion users

Google was met with outrage last year when it was reported that the company may have been looking to get back into the search engine business in China. The company previously left China in protest over its strict censorship policies — which have only grown more strict.

Google CEO to appear before Congress

Google CEO Sundar Pichai will make his debut testifying before Congress next Wednesday, a few months after a different attempt to get him to Capitol Hill turned so contentious that a Senate committee featured an empty chair in his place at a hearing.

Google addresses harassment allegations detailed in NYT report

Top Google executives stressed to employees that the company is "dead serious about making sure we provide a safe and inclusive workplace" in an email sent shortly after The New York Times published an investigation into how Google protected three executives accused of sexual misconduct over the past decade.

Silicon Valley's new motto: be responsible

Before Google made a series of product announcements at its annual developer event, its CEO took a moment to deliver a message that would have been jarring to attendees just a couple years ago: Don't be overly idealistic about tech.

Trump sparked a CEO revolt. Here's why

CEOs are cautious by nature, circumspect in their words and actions. So maybe the most amazing thing that occurred Thursday wasn't that President Trump pulled out of the Paris climate deal. It was the response from the corner office: A string of CEOs loudly voiced strong opposition to his action.