Monument to Jewish writer vandalized with swastikas

Ukrainian police are investigating a case of anti-Semitic vandalism after a monument to a prominent Jewish writer was vandalized with swastikas.

Is it safe to visit Hong Kong right now?

Hong Kongers have been protesting for more than five months and demonstrations are becoming more violent and disruptive. The city's leaders have maintained Hong Kong is still open for business, but is it still safe to visit?

Some protest supporters in Hong Kong have had enough

For most of the summer, 25-year-old Jose was an ardent supporter of the protests raging in Hong Kong. Even when demonstrations became increasingly violent, she defended the protesters themselves -- they were provoked, or were fighting for a greater good, she would argue.

Chile extends curfew again as violent unrest grows

Broken glass and bricks littered streets in Santiago after more violent protests Monday, prompting Chile's government to extend a curfew in the capital for a third straight day.

Christopher Columbus statues vandalized in 2 states

Vandals threw red paint on statues of Christopher Columbus in San Francisco and Providence, Rhode Island, as people around the US prepared to celebrate the Italian explorer.

Ireland has a hate crime problem

In the middle of the night, Imam Ibrahim Noonan answered the phone and heard an unfamiliar Irish voice.

China President Xi Jinping's balancing act over Hong Kong

Hong Kong's summer of discontent has spilled over into fall, bringing with it tear gas, petrol bombs and widespread transport disruptions -- all the elements that have divided the city during four months of unrest.

Hong Kong protesters appear to be hit by taxi

Hong Kong is entering its fourth day of unprecedented subway closures after a weekend of destructive protests in the wake of new emergency legislation left the city reeling.

Hong Kong's mask ban sparks night of violent protests

Hong Kong woke to a city transformed Saturday, after protesters went on a rampage across the territory in reaction to the government's use of emergency powers to ban masks at demonstrations.

Violence, chaos spread through Hong Kong

There were more scenes of violence and destruction across Hong Kong over the weekend as protesters targeted subway stations and shopping malls in an apparent escalation as the city enters its sixteenth consecutive week of unrest.

Hong Kong protests smaller, more violent

Dozens of people were injured Sunday in another night of violence in Hong Kong, as the city marked its fifteenth consecutive weekend of anti-government protests.

Hong Kong airport faces protester 'stress test'

Transport to and from Hong Kong International Airport was disrupted for hours Sunday as protesters barricaded roads, leaving traffic gridlocked and stranding hundreds of tourists at the terminal.

3 charged with killing off-duty Los Angeles police officer

Three people have been charged in the killing of a Los Angeles police officer who died following a shooting that happened while he was off-duty, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.