El Paso shooting victims Christmas display includes 22 angels

Twenty-two families will spend the holidays without their loved ones after the El Paso Walmart shooting, but one family's light display is reminding everyone that the city is "El Paso Strong."

Retailers face a Thanksgiving Day decision: Open or closed?

As retailers and malls battle for shoppers during the holiday season, they face a tricky decision: do they keep their doors open on Thanksgiving Day, or close to give their workers the holiday off?

El Paso Walmart shooting victim updates

Luis Calvillo was so eager to see his girls running and chasing soccer balls that when he came home after being hospitalized for months, he just took a shower and got in the car again.

Walmart surges heading into holidays

Walmart notched another quarter of strong sales growth and raised its expectations for the holiday shopping season.

How people get paid is changing

The majority of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and getting paid every two weeks can lead to problems when unexpected bills show up. But help is now on the way.

Smart lock lets Walmart deliver in home

It was 2 a.m. and John Martin and his family had finally arrived at their cabin in Lake Tahoe only to discover they were locked out. Martin had forgotten the keys.

Walmart wants robots in stores; Target doesn't

Walmart and Target are taking different approaches to adding robots in stores, a split that will have an impact on the companies' massive workforces and shape the future of automation in retail.

New ETF doesn't own Walmart, Disney or IBM

For most investors, picking a stock or fund is about finding something that you think is worth buying -- a company with strong earnings potential or an ETF that owns market leaders.