Colorado Hooker, Pineapple Express and other winter storm names

You look up the forecast for your area only to see the meteorologist talking about a bomb cyclone blizzard headed your way. And next week there will be a Great Lakes Cutter, followed by an Inland Runner. What on earth do those even mean? These are all various names given to storm systems that can occur in winter.

Strong Gulf storm will soak the South this weekend

The first travel weekend of the winter holidays will be wet across the Southeast as a storm developing over the Gulf of Mexico pushes through with gale-force winds and the risk of flooding.

Australia swelters on its hottest day bushfires rage

Australia experienced its hottest average day across the country Tuesday, with the national temperature soaring as devastating wildfires continued to burn across New South Wales (NSW) state.

2019 had three of the warmest months on record

No, it wasn't your imagination. 2019 was a historically warm year. During the summer, dozens of cities in the US sweltered under record-high temperatures and waited out historically long hot streaks.

South endures tornadoes, snow bears down on Northeast

A storm system that spawned a series of deadly tornadoes in the Deep South threatens more damaging winds Tuesday across that region while disrupting travel in the Northeast with snow and ice.

More freezing fog possible

Freezing fog and clouds stick around next few days, but winter weather with snow and freezing rain possible by mid-week.

Hear from victims of Africa's drought

Torrents of water once thundered over the precipice at Victoria Falls, on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, shrouding the area in mist.