west virginia

Another VA hospital in WV is being investigated

Federal investigators say they are checking allegations of sexual assaults at a Veterans Affairs hospital in West Virginia -- accusations the hospital says prompted it to fire someone.

Joe Manchin says he won't run for West Virginia governor

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin announced Tuesday he won't run for governor of West Virginia in the 2020 election, ending speculation as to whether he would leave the Senate to return to his old job as chief executive.

Babies exposed to drugs treated in special day care

7-week-old Oliveah just started day care, and when she cries, her teachers ask all the usual questions: Is she hungry? Does she need a diaper change? Is she coming off of opioids?

Woman presses Biden on Hyde Amendment position

A West Virginia woman told Joe Biden that access to abortion "saved my life" as she pressed the former vice president over his position on the Hyde Amendment in a powerful exchange at a Planned Parenthood forum here Saturday.

Feds: Doctors across 6 states illegally prescribed opioids

Nearly three dozen doctors and a host of other medical professionals across eight states were charged for illegally prescribing and distributing opioids and other dangerous narcotics, the Justice Department announced Wednesday.

West Virginia teachers back on strike after sparking protests nationwide

West Virginia teachers plan to stay on strike Wednesday, with union leaders saying there is a trust issue with the Legislature, even after the state House of Delegates decided to "postpone indefinitely" any decision on proposed legislation that spurred the teachers to strike.

West Virginia teachers to strike

Almost a year after West Virginia teachers and other school employees shut down schools across the state, demanding higher pay and better benefits, union officials announced Monday night they would go on strike again.

GOP lawmakers want to spend state funds on Trump's wall

A Republican Montana state senator and Republican delegates from West Virginia plan to introduce measures to allocate state funds to help build President Donald Trump's proposed wall along the southern US border.

Arrest warrant issued for man who was trapped in mine

When a group of West Virginians were rescued from an abandoned mine last week, authorities hinted they could face criminal charges.