Washington state waterfront owners asked to take dead whales

PORT HADLOCK, Wash. (AP) - Officials are asking Washington state waterfront landowners to volunteer their properties as the final resting places for dead gray whales. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries says so many gray whale carcasses have washed up this year that the agency has run out of places where they can be taken to decompose. So the agency this week asked landowners for help getting rid of the carcasses up to 40 feet (12 meters) long.

Pregnant whale washed up in Italy had 22 kilograms of plastic in stomach

The carcass of a pregnant sperm whale that washed up in Sardinia, Italy, last week had 22 kilograms (49 pounds) of plastic in its stomach, and was carrying a dead fetus, the country's environment minister and a marine life non-profit organization said.

Iceland to let more than 2,000 whales be killed

Only two whaling companies remain in Iceland. It's a small industry that conservationists say is inhumane, has minimal economic benefits, and defies the international ban on killing whales.

Group finalizes endangered orcas proposals with ban on tours

The group wants to suspend whale-watching boat tours focused on the orcas for between three and five years. It made three dozen recommendations to save a species whose population is at its lowest in more than 30 years.