Wild horses of Outer Banks won't evacuate

A bunch of majestic horses that spend their days frolicking on the beach in North Carolina's Outer Banks will not be evacuated.

Some African countries mull selling ivory again

"Why do you shoot the animals?" I asked through an interpreter.The Murle hunter, a semi-automatic weapon slung over his shoulder, definitely didn't appreciate my question.We were in Boma in South Sudan, close to the border of Ethiopia, some of the…

Trump admin moves to weaken endangered species protections

The US Interior Department announced significant changes Monday that would weaken how the Endangered Species Act is implemented, a move critics fear will allow for more oil and gas drilling and limit how much regulators consider the impacts of the climate crisis.

'30-50 feral hogs' take center stage in gun debate

Days after two devastating mass shootings revived the national conversation about gun control, a horde of feral hogs (briefly) ran away with it -- and exposed the chasm in the debate between rural and urban America.

Whistleblower says he was pressured by admin to reverse decision

In the summer of 2017, Arizona developer Mike Ingram's proposed housing and golf course project in the desert was facing a road block because of a decision by the Department of the Interior.

Trump takes aim at Green New Deal

President Donald Trump held an event to tout his administration's previous work on the environment Monday during a speech at the White House, despite having rolled back numerous regulations intended to fight the climate crisis.

How rat poison could help birds on California's Farallon Islands

About 27 miles west of San Francisco, the Farallon Islands host a plethora of wildlife, including some of the largest seabird populations, five kinds of marine mammals and rare species like the Farallon arboreal salamander.