13 best things to do in the Brazilian state of São Paulo

The biggest city in Brazil justifiably hogs the superlatives -- the biggest this! The most that! The tallest this! The longest that! -- but São Paulo is not only about its headline-stealing concrete jungle of a capital.

Best restaurants in London: Where to eat now

The restaurant scene in London has been totally transformed in the past 10 years and is now rightly seen as one of the world's great dining capitals, no longer in the shadow of Paris or New York.

US consumers will soon pay more for European foods, drinks

Americans will soon pay more for Scotch and Irish whiskies, Parmesan cheese and French wine after the Trump administration said it would impose tariffs on $7.5 billion worth of European goods.

Fall in the Hamptons means the happiest hour of all

As enviable as summer in the Hamptons can be -- stunning weather, beaches, greenery, produce, and yes, people -- autumn is when the east end of Long Island becomes truly magical.

How Georgia's wine industry came back from oblivion

Six thousand years before Christ turned water into wine, the ancestors of modern-day Georgia were turning grapes into it. It's thanks to these imaginative Stone Age sapiens that today we enjoy Gamay from Beaujolais, Chianti from Tuscany, Rioja from Navarro and Cabernet Sauvignon everywhere from France to New Zealand.

Trump ponders tariffs on French wines in retaliation for tech tax

President Donald Trump on Friday floated placing tariffs on French wines and other French products in retaliation for that nation's new tax on large American technology companies, telling reporters in the Oval Office that he "might" impose the tax ahead of the G7 summit in August.

World's best vineyards for 2019 revealed

Forget crumbling chateaux in the French countryside. For the ultimate vineyard vacation, try a Bond villain-style lair in the majestic mountains and valleys of South America.

19 best places to travel for this summer

If you're still deciding where to take your summer vacation, 2019 brings major anniversaries, new flight routes, buzzy museum openings and more.

Red wine's resveratrol decreases blood pressure in mice

Resveratrol, a compound produced in the skin of grapes to defend against insects and bacteria, is present in red wine. Mice that were fed large quantities of this compound experienced a beneficial drop in blood pressure, according to a study published Thursday in the journal Circulation.

Attorney, vineyard owner to plead guilty in admissions scam

A high-powered attorney who said he had no moral issue with the college admissions scam and a Napa Valley vineyard owner who insisted he was not a "moron" both pleaded guilty to conspiracy fraud in federal court Tuesday.