'Beer before wine, always fine'? Not really, study says

European researchers have bad news for the 76% of Americans who experience hangovers after a drinking session: Try as you may to change up the order of your alcoholic beverages, if you drink too much, you will still be hungover.

Super-luxe airport lounges that may make you miss your flight

Airline lounges are hardly created equal. Many have bare-bones amenities, limited seating and far too many people. These extremely average lounges are often just a step up from the cramped gate area.

Uganda's Bobi Wine 'seriously considering' running for president

Pop star turned MP Bobi Wine is making plans for a bigger political stage in the country and says he has launched a grassroots movement for young people aimed at challenging the country's longtime leader President Yoweri Museveni.

Rare pre-Prohibition whiskeys offer a taste of American history

When Jean-Baptiste (J.B.) Leonis, the early 20th-century builder, banker, and wine and liquor merchant who founded the town of Vernon, California, spotted Prohibition on the horizon, he was not about to take any chances with his beloved whiskey.

Which alcoholic beverages are more diet-friendly?

I often tell people to steer clear of alcoholic beverages when trying to lose weight. After all, they don't exactly provide nutritious calories, and consuming them can make it increasingly more challenging to lose weight. But that doesn't stop people from asking me, "what is the best drink to have on a diet?"

Walmart and Target try to sell better cheap wine

Walmart, Kroger, and Target are rolling out premium wines for cheap. They're trying to copy Trader Joe's success with "Two-Buck Chuck" and capitalize on America's love affair with wine.

Can wine help save Greece's Santorini from too much tourism?

Santorini's sweeping caldera, sunset cruises, picturesque blue-domed churches and whitewashed vacation cottages carved into a 300-meter cliff have made it an unstoppable success story among the islands of Greece.

Richland restaurant helps raise $18,000 for WSU program

Budd's Broiler closed down on March 28 so that WSU's Viticulture & Enology Program could hosts their annual Blended Learning Release Party. The school ended up raising more than $18,000.

Are reduced-calorie wines worth it?

If you're counting calories, a glass of wine might be your alcoholic beverage of choice, as it's a lighter option than many other mixed drinks.