YouTube CEO apologizes to LGBTQ community

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki apologized to the LGBTQ community but stood by the company's controversial decision last week not to take down videos containing homophobic harassment and racist slurs.

YouTube won't take down homophobic harassment videos

Carlos Maza, a video journalist who works for Vox, is speaking out after YouTube declined to ban the videos of Steven Crowder, a prominent right-wing personality who Maza says used the platform to attack him with homophobic and racist slurs. The company did say it would demonetize the videos, meaning Crowder can't make money off of ads, for "continued egregious actions that have harmed the broader co

Sandy Hook attorney: YouTube hoaxer video ban 'too late to undo harm'

An attorney representing 10 of the families who lost relatives in the Sandy Hook massacre said on Wednesday that he welcomed YouTube's decision to remove videos denying the shooting. However, he said it was "too late to undo the harm" that has been caused to them by conspiracy theories circulating on the platform over the last several years.

YouTube to ban supremacist content, hoax videos

YouTube says it will ban supremacist content and remove videos that deny well-documented atrocities, like the Holocaust and the massacre at Sandy Hook elementary school. The company says it will be removing hundreds of thousands of videos that hadn't previously been considered in violation of its rules.

Doctored Pelosi video shared across social media

A manipulated video being shared by some social media users to spread a false claim that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slurred her words after meeting with President Donald Trump on Wednesday has been removed by YouTube, the company told CNN on Thursday.