Tattoo shop reopens under modified phase 1

Storefront of Thunderhand Tattoo

RICHLAND, Wash. — Thunderhand Tattoo, located in the Uptown Shopping Center, is finally inking customers after months of uncertainty.

Established in 2016 by tattoo artist Joey Armstrong, the shop relied on savings, client deposits, and other art mediums to stay afloat.

“It’s rough because if we’re not tattooing, we’re not making money,” Armstrong said. “Outside of tattooing we’re also all artists so we’ve all just been producing art and trying to sell that.”

Due to safety concerns, Thunderhand did have to make some adjustments.

“Now it’s more of a private-style business where we’re just doing appointments only,” Armstrong said.

He went on to say that you can have a same day appointment, you just have to call ahead.

By eliminating walk-ins, Thunderhand is able to control the amount of traffic in and out of the shop.

If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment reach out through their website, via Facebook, or by calling them at (509) 713-7770.