Team effort in birth of baby on I-90 in Grant County


GRANT COUNTY, Wash. — An expecting mother was driving with her mom on I-90 when she went into labor and had no choice but to pull over and deliver her baby.

Martina Medrano’s mom Wanda Rand quickly called 911 and reached the dispatcher on duty, Summer Mann. She’s been a dispatcher for three years and never thought she’d help someone give birth over the phone, but that’s exactly what she did. Mann is trained in over-the-phone deliveries and walked Medrano’s mom through the process of giving birth.

“Eventually after, you’re like, ‘Oh, I’m helping deliver a baby,’” Mann said. “‘This is really happening right now. Oh my God.’”

However, the ordeal wasn’t over yet. The baby was breached and not breathing. Mann stayed on the phone until Washington State Troopers arrived and started life saving efforts.

“When I got there, the baby wasn’t breathing, but I could feel the heartbeat through the baby’s back,” said Nick Palmer, the state trooper who performed CPR. “It was a couple minutes there, touch and go.”

“By the end of that call, getting to hear that baby cry was one of the best things I’ve ever heard in my life,” Mann said.

Both heroes involved say they’ve never experienced anything like this in their life. Palmer says he couldn’t have done it without Mann’s detailed coaching over the phone.

“I was just the hands,” Palmer said. “She was the brains behind the whole operation.”

Today, mom and baby Betty are recovering in a Spokane hospital after their ordeal. Both Mann and Palmer are hopeful they can reunite with the family soon to see how Betty’s progressing.