Teen convicted of a murder plot testifies against alleged accomplice

The 18-year-old girl accused of plotting the murder of a classmate spent another day in court as the trial against her continues.

Jeremiah Cunningham, who was convicted for his role, testified against Fe Hadley Thursday morning.
He testified that Hadley got the victim “in position” but the murder did not happen.

According to police, Hadley conspired to lure her ex-boyfriend behind the Ki-Be Market in November 2017 so Cunningham could stab him to death. Court documents say Cunningham went behind the store in a red mask and motioned for the victim to come toward him. The plan didn’t go through because two other students caused a commotion.

Cunningham said Hadley was to trip him and as he was falling, then he would stab him in the chest with a knife.

If convicted, Hadley could face 15-20 years. Cunningham was sentenced to 10 years back in May.