Terrace Heights Homicide Suspect Makes Court Appearance

Terrace Heights Homicide Suspect Makes Court Appearance

Marty Grismer makes an appearance before a Yakima County judge first thing this morning.

Grismer was arrested this week in connection to the shooting death of Desiree Sunford, who was an art teacher at Wapato Middle School.

Court documents state Sunford’s husband Scott was seeing another woman during that time.

That woman, Paige Blades, was friends with Grismer.

Blades told Grismer that she was allegedly carrying Sunford’s child — with the intention of preventing Desiree Sunford from interfering, documents state Grismer chose to kill Sunford, to allow her husband and Blades a chance to be together.

For an entire year, the case went silent, until Blades came forward to detectives.

From there, detectives were able to retrieve gun parts from grismer’s place of employment, which matched the bullet casings found at the murder scene — Grismer was subesequently arrested at his home in Moses Lake yesterday.

Desiree Sunford’s colleagues are breathing a sigh of relief, hoping her case is coming closer to a close.

“The patience that it takes to wait because these sorts of things take time, is often hard because people want resolution to a challenging situation like this,” said Wapato Superintendent Becky Imler.

Bail for Grismert is set at $2 million, his arraignment is scheduled two weeks from today.