The art of making violins

The art of making violins

A man from Yakima who started playing the violin at a young age now makes a living by making them.

Jackson Chase started making violins about seven years ago and since then he has made nine violins.

He learned how to make his first violin in Seattle and hasn’t looked back since then.

“I take pieces of wood and I use tools use plains, and knives and gouges to turn it into a violin,” said Chase, Luthier.

He still remembers the first one he made. Jackson plans to continue making them and improving on his technique.

“Once you’re 10-15 years into it you can make maybe 5 or 10 a year depending on how you make them, depending on how much time you put into each violin, it can vary.”

There’s certain wood he uses for his violins.

“The back, the side and the neck are made from maple and the black parts are ebony”

Jackson has made a total of nine violins and is currently working on his tenth violin for one of his friends from college.

“I love making them for friends and amateurs, that’s my favorite, it really is.”

Jackson says that all of his violins have a different personality

“When I make a violin, I have an idea of what sound I want it to have, I have an idea well if I want this sound then I can do such and such on the violin.”

Jackson’s shop is located inside the Yakima Maker Space located at 16 First St. in Yakima.

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