Union Gospel Mission continues serving homeless community, provides ‘quarantine rooms’

Tri-City Union Gospel Mission

PASCO, Wash. – Tri-City Union Gospel Mission has implemented new safety policies and procedures in response to the coronavirus, such as providing “quarantine rooms” for those that feel ill, as they stay open during this crisis.

“Our rule is we are sanitizing everything, all the high traffic areas all the counter tops every two hours, but what we’re finding is the guys and the ladies that are living in the women’s shelter are doing it more than that and that’s great,” Executive Director Andrew Porter said

He said the Mission has seen an increase in numbers, but is not beyond its capacity. The shelter regularly houses 130 to 150 people, and with it being in a confined place, staff members have put extra focus on social distancing.

Porter said the Mission is aware of the possibility of a spike in people seeking their help.

“If there are layoffs in the future, we may see quite a bigger number of people coming our way, so we’re preparing,” Porter said.

As time goes on and grocery stores continue to sell their goods, the Mission fears that their food supply will shorten.

“We’re definitely watching our portions and minimizing and doing the best we can,” Porter said.

Although they are not accepting volunteers at least until April 6, they are asking for the community’s support in donations for food.

For more information on how you can help visit tcugm.org.