The Seattle Seahawks need to adopt Russell Wilson’s Super Bowl-or-Bust mentality

SEATTLE, Wash. — For Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, none of the individual statistics or accolades matter if it doesn’t equate to winning.

An undisputed All-Pro for his efforts this season, Seattle’s longtime starting quarterback continues to impress with his impeccable athleticism, throwing power, versatility and decision-making. He threw for 4,212 yards and a career-best 40 touchdowns in the 2020-21 regular season, but his team fell short 20-30 against the Los Angeles Rams during Wild Card Weekend.

Despite Wilson’s best efforts, the Seahawks have run into various roadblocks over the years. Their legendary “Legion of Boom,” a conglomerate of defensive talent that the NFL has very rarely seen, broke down over the years.

In the 2020-21 season, the Seahawks turned to Wilson’s throwing arm and an upstart defense to turn things around. While they made progress over the course of the season, the Seattle Seahawks couldn’t put the pieces together in time for the playoffs.

As they reevaluate the team once more and begin their offseason, Wilson finds himself pushing his teammates, coaches and organization to adopt a similar mindset to him: Championship or bust.

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Wilson made the following comments during a media availability session on January 14, 2021:

“We can’t settle for anything less than winning it all,” Wilson said. “I think that we gotta make sure that we continually talk about that — continue to do that — and make sure that we’re not satisfied until that happens.

I know for me, I won’t be satisfied until we win more and more Super Bowls — Win this next year hopefully and the next year after that and just do what we believe we’re capable of. If we do everything that we can, I believe we give ourselves a great great chance to [win a Super Bowl].”

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Next year should provide another solid opportunity for this Seattle Seahawks group to push back into Super Bowl contention. Their last appearance came in a 24-28 loss to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX. Six seasons later, the Seahawks haven’t been out of the second round of the NFL playoffs.

Regardless, this roster has the infrastructure to make some noise again next year. They had seven players make the Pro Bowl this season including Seahawks legend Bobby Wagner and first-year Seahawk Jamal Adams, a world-class talent at the safety position.

If they can improve their offensive line, retain some key free agents and make wise decisions in the 2021 NFL Draft, there’s no reason why the Seattle Seahawks can’t reach the heights that their leader set for them.

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