‘The worst case imaginable’: Kennewick man pleads for help finding missing dog

KENNEWICK, Wash — For Mike Colbert and his family, their worst nightmare is coming true.

Their two dogs, Capone, a one-year-old Husky, and Sammie, a young Belgian Malinois and Shepherd mix escaped March 20th off Gum St. by the fairgrounds in Kennewick.

“As a pet owner, the worst case pops through your head all the time,” Colbert said.

According to Colbert, Sammie was found March 28th in an irrigation canal with a gunshot wound.

“It’s tough because she was taken from us way to soon. We wanted 17 years with her and somebody took that from us,” Colbert said. “It’s hard to talk about because the image of her in the canal is still fresh in my brain.”

Colbert added that he rescued Sammie in Burbank just over seven months ago.

“They killed a good dog. She was a blessing to our family,” Colbert said.

But he hasn’t given up hope in his search for Capone.

“We got him when he was just over 10 weeks old and we’ve had him ever since. He is the best dog you’d ever know,” Colbert said.

Local animal lovers started a fundraiser for the beloved pets to help the family raise money for a cash reward.

Colbert noted that the Tri-Cities Animal Control will also be opening an investigation into Sammie’s death.

“I know he’s out there and I know someone has him,” Colbert said. “We just want him back.”

If you have Capone, or you know where he is, contact Mike Colbert at 509-792-9346.