Tips for buying a safe, family-friendly vehicle

Family-friendly car accessories

When buying a car to transport your family, safety should be at the top of your list of requirements. Take a look at other car features that can benefit families.

Safety: Make sure your car has the latest safety features. Before buying, check the car’s crash-test ratings, and make sure there are plenty of airbags that will protect all passengers in the car. Also make sure there are child-proof security capabilities on the doors and windows.

Seating: As your family grows your car should be able to accommodate it. Make sure there are plenty of seats in the car to hold your current, and future, family.

Storage: Hauling around your kids and your car pool can require a lot of space. Look for a car that features enough storage space for backpacks, athletic equipment and groceries.

Easy access: When carrying children and groceries to and from your car you need a quick and easy way to get in.

In-car entertainment systems: Driving with kids can be a challenge, especially on road trips. Keep your kids occupied with in-car entertainment systems.