Tips for planning a backyard wedding

Tips for planning a backyard wedding

Backyard weddings can be popular options for summer weddings. They create personal and intimate weddings where guests can feel at home during the festivities.

Follow these tips to plan the perfect backyard wedding.

Set a budget: While you might think getting married in the backyard is a cheap option, it can actually be very costly. When getting married at home you need to provide everything from chairs, tents, tables, linens, and items for the catering staff to use to prepare and store the food. Before you start making plans, set your budget.

Plan for all weather: You never know what the weather will be like during your wedding. Plan ahead for both rain and warm weather. Make sure you have umbrellas and covering available for guests in case of rain. If it is hot on your wedding day make sure you bring in items to cool off your guests.

Don’t forget about bugs: Keep your guests comfortable by keeping the bugs away. Offer bug spray to guests and light citronella candles. You might also want to consider having your yard sprayed in the days leading up to your wedding.

Plan for parking: One of the hardest parts about a backyard wedding is finding parking places for your guests. Make sure you get parking permits from the city. It can also pay to hire valets. This will help remove the headache of having guests trying to find places to park.