Tips for selling your car during the winter

Tips for selling your car during the winter
No. 10: Establish a realistic budget

When the temperatures dip and the weather gets rough in the winter months, it can be difficult to lure in prospective buyers for your used car. These tips can help you keep your car looking – and working – good in the winter.

Keep it clean. With more storms, moisture and dirt on the roads in the winter months it can be a struggle to keep your car clean. Make sure to keep the interior clean and wash the exterior as often as possible to have the car looking good when prospective buyers stop by.

Check the battery. You don’t want someone to come by for a test drive and have your car not start due to a dead battery. As the temperatures drop it’s important to keep your battery charged. Have your battery checked at an auto maintenance shop and replace it if needed.

Check the fluids. Make sure all of the fluids are topped off in your car. Cold temperatures can be hard on a car’s engine, so make sure to change the oil and make sure the car has enough coolant and antifreeze.

Keep gas in the tank. Make sure you always keep at least half of a tank of gas in your car’s gas tank. If there isn’t enough gas it can cause the fuel lines to freeze and prevent your car from starting.

Drive your car frequently. Don’t just leave your car sitting in the driveway. Make sure you drive it frequently so you can ensure it is working properly and identify any issues before a prospective buyer finds them during a test drive.