Tips for studying for tests

What’s a good ACT or SAT score?

Tests can cause anxiety in a lot of students. One way to ease the stress is to properly prepare. Take a look at some tips on how to study for tests.

Be prepared: Make sure you are aware of when your test is taking place as soon as possible. Start by getting as much information about the test as you can, including what material it will cover, what format the test will be in, and how many points it’s worth.

Get organized: Gather all of the necessary materials you will need to study. Collect any study guides the instructor provided, as well as notes from the class.

Find a place to study: Find a place where you can focus and be free of distractions.

Pick a good time: Study at a time when you are alert and ready to absorb the information. Bring snacks and drinks along to avoid getting distracted by hunger or thirst.

Start studying early: Plan on studying for your exam over several days. Don’t try to cram all of your studying into one day. Instead spread it out over several days to really get a firm grasp on the information. This will allow you to study for the test in sections, breaking up the information. It will also give you enough time to read over your notes several times.

Create your own study guide: Even if the instructor provides a study guide, it’s a good practice to create your own. By rewriting the information and putting it into an outline or notes it will help you retain the knowledge better. It will also help you figure out what areas you need to study more and which areas you know well.

Ask for help: If you’re studying and you’re unclear about part of the material, make sure to ask for help from your teacher. Have him or her explain the material to you, or point you in the right direction of where you can find the answers.