Tips for switching car insurance

Tips for switching car insurance

Are you unhappy with your current auto insurance and are looking to make a switch to a new policy? Use these tips to help make the change.

First, assess your current needs. Take a look at your current policy and decide what you like and don’t like. Then, take inventory of your driving needs. Make note of how many miles you drive, what type of driving you do, if you’ve had any recent tickets or accidents, and how many people in your household drive your car.

Once you know what type of coverage you need, then start gathering quotes from insurance companies to try to get the best deal. You can also call your current provider and see if you are eligible for any discounts that can help lower your payments. However, when looking to get a better deal, make sure you’re not cutting out important coverage that you need.

When you’ve decided on a provider and a plan, make sure to inform both your old and new providers of your decision. You want to make sure to notify both providers to ensure there is no gap in coverage.