Toasty the cat overcomes electrocution to live an optimistic life

Walla Walla
Image credit: Blue Mountain Humane Society

WALLA WALLA, Wash. — For as difficult as things may get for you, there’s always someone who is doing worse. In this case, it’d be Toasty the cat — a rescue living under the care of handlers at the Blue Mountain Humane Society (BMHS). This fearless feline survived a near-death experience that truly shocked his world, but he’s overcoming it to live an optimistic life.

Toasty’s story begins with a cat nap in the summer sunshine. He was enjoying a nice rest on top of an electrical transformer when it suddenly blew. He was discovered later on by three Pacific Power linemen with serious burns; barely hanging on and in need of some help. They handed the cat off to BMHS volunteers to oversee the burnt kitty’s recovery.

Veterinary specialists from the BMHS team and Associated Veterinary Clinic assessed Toasty’s injuries to create a game plan for his recovery.

*Warning, this next part is a bit graphic. Toasty suffered a very unique injury.

Toasty was sitting on his bottom at the time the transformer blew and not all of it stayed attached to him. Handlers were required to put an ointment on his bottom consistently at the beginning of his rehab. Despite his painful and humiliating injury, the feline found a home with the people who were helping him get back up on his own two paws.

As a matter of fact, Toasty would purr with jubilation when doctors applied his medicine or stretched behind his ears. Anelecia Burns of the Blue Mountain Humane society said that Toasty was the most optimistic and gentle cat the team has ever seen.

Roughly a month after he was taken in by the humane society, Toasty’s butt was reattached; and while it’s a bit lopsided, it’ll be good enough for him. He still has a big scar and is working on fully regrowing his whiskers, but the cat is healing well and enjoys taking little walks with the doctor that’s been caring for him.

Unlike many other animals available for adoption from the BMHS, Toasty already has a home. He’s being fostered by one of the volunteers with their medical team, and once he’s fully recovered, he’ll be officially adopted.

However, the Blue Mountain Humane Society is fundraising for his medical costs. They’ve created Toasty T-Shirts and are nearly 70% to their target goal of 100 shirts sold with nine days left.

Pine Cone Creamery (3 S Colville St in Walla Walla) is also creating a limited-time Toasty Ice Cream flavor which includes Cinamon Toast Crunch. There’s also a “Hot and Toasty” version with Fireball added into the mix. One dollar from every pint sold is going toward Toasty’s recovery efforts.


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