Toddler reacts to meeting his ‘scary idol’ on Valentine’s Day

YAKIMA VALLEY, Wash. — Four-year-old Reese Cree is a little bit adventurous; he loves basketball, dancing and playing with his siblings.

“He’s into all kinds of things,” Reese’s mother Windy Cree said. “Anything he gets into, he loves.”

Reese also has a pretty unusual idol for a kid his age: Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th.

“Everything is Jason,” Windy said. “He has like 10 masks and a bunch of fake knives.”

According to Windy, Reese has never seen the actual movie, just YouTube videos and games that his older brothers have shown him.

Still, Reese’s love for Jason runs pretty deep.

“We take him to basketball games and he’s sitting there, walking around with the mask on and then the knife,” Windy said. “He’s scared people who are like, ‘Hey that baby has a knife! He has a knife!’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah it’s fake.’”

For his birthday, Reese told his mom he wanted a Jason-themed cake — and the actual Jason.

That’s why, when Windy saw Madd Hatters Haunt in Union Gap, Wash. was sending out horror movie characters to bring people “scarytines” — including Jason — she knew she had to get one for her son.

“I’m trying not to ruin it and I’m asking him what he’d do if he saw Jason,” Windy said. “I’m like, ‘You won’t be scared?’ and he said, ‘No, I won’t be scared.”

Windy was looking forward to seeing his reaction: she thought her son would get excited, run to Jason and start jumping up and down.

But when the moment of truth came, the response was a little bit different than what the family had anticipated.

Walking into the dining room of the McDonald’s in Selah, Wash., Reese saw Jason from across the room and froze in fear and looked at his family with confusion.

“We thought that my little brother would react way better, like he’d be all excited,” said Serena Cree, Reese’s nine-year-old sister. “But he was scared and called him fake because he didn’t have a real knife.”

While Windy said she definitely expected a different reaction, but that she’s glad she did it.

“I’m still happy with the outcome,” Windy said. “He’ll remember it; we’ll remember it.”