Tomorrow is the busiest air-travel day of the holiday season, AAA says

The Tri-Cities Airport is gearing up for the busiest air-travel day of the holiday season.

According to AAA, Dec. 20 and 21, and Dec. 26 and 27 are the busiest days during Christmas. At the Tri-Cities Airport alone, about 3,000 will come and go each day. To make your way through the airport a little easier, they want to remind you of a few things.

If you’re planning on bringing grandma’s fruitcake or maybe even a ham through security – you might want to rethink that.

“Food’s always going to be searched because of the way it shows up on their x-ray machine,” said Buck Taft, the airport’s director. “Sometimes people will bring cakes or pies and they’ll try to take them through the checkpoint and those just set off alarms and cause issues, so it’s best to kind of maybe get your food near where you’re going and just travel with what you need for your flight.”

Don’t worry – TSA said you can bring a gingerbread house that’s in a kit box through security, just not one that’s already made.

Taft said people will also try to take snow globes through as a carry-on.

“Snow globes have liquid inside of them, which you can only take 3.5 ounces, so the general rule of thumb is if it’s bigger than a tennis ball, it probably can’t fly and it’ll need to go in your checked bag and not your carry-on,” he explained.

Gifts are another issue. If you plan on bringing a wrapped present through, it may be unwrapped by TSA if it sets off the detector. Taft said instead of wrapping it, put it in a gift bag or box and wrap it at home, or you can check it in.

And if any of the above aren’t an issue for you – these tips should help you out.

Taft said get to the airport about 90 minutes before your flight. It’ll give you enough time to check in and go through security. Also, follow the 3-1-1 rule: three ounces of liquid in a one quart bag, one bag per person.

If you don’t want to wait in line to get through TSA, try TSA PreCheck. There is a fee, but it’ll expedite the process.

Taft said they don’t expect any delays from the Tri-Cities Airport, but other flights could be delayed if they’re coming from or going to other cities with weather issues.