Toppenish police seek identity of possible prowler

Toppenish police seek identity of possible prowler

Toppenish police are trying to identify a suspected car prowler after a string of burglaries and car prowls in the same neighborhood.

The man was caught on a home security camera walking on the resident’s property uninvited. On Tuesday, police said he resembles a man who broke into the resident’s truck a few days ago.

Anyone who recognizes the man is asked to call police at 509-865-4355.

Additionally, police are reminding the public to report any suspicious activity. You can remain anonymous and request officers not to contact you at your home.

Who Am I…

A resident shared this video with us after a string of burglaries and car prowls in the neighborhood. Just last week someone broke into his truck.

The male you see in the video is seen walking onto the resident&039;s property, uninvited. Additionally, the male closely resembles that of the male who broke into his truck just days ago. In another video, the male is seen walking back and forth, as if casing the home.

A friendly reminder for all of our residents. If you see someone suspicious in your neighborhood, please report it. You can remain anonymous and you can opt to not have officers contact you at home. If your neighbors aren&039;t home, please watch for suspicious activity such as casing and checking to see if someones home by knocking or ringing the door bell. In addition, burglars will knock and ask for a fake person, to see if someone is home. During this time of year, families become victimized due to the Christmas holiday.

The community is a vital part in combating crime because we, as police officers, can&039;t be at every street corner or every block in our city. Your observations can help us in stopping a burglary or vehicle prowl before it occurs. Please help in reporting this type of activity to our police department at 509-865-4355.

Posted by Toppenish Police Department on Tuesday, 11 December 2018

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