Tour the B Reactor again starting Memorial Day Weekend!

HANFORD, Wash. — After a nearly two year hiatus, B Reactor Tours at the Manhattan Project National Historical Park will resume on Memorial Day weekend.

The tours are free of charge and open to visitors of all ages. Visitors are welcome to bring cameras, cell phones and other recording devices on the tour.

Overall, you can expect to spend about four hours on the experience, with two hours being at the B Reactor. The ride to the B Reactor takes about 45 minutes, and guides provide interpretation along the way.

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“We have wonderful, educated, knowledgeable docents who love telling the story of Washington state and the inception of the Manhattan project,” said Colleen French, DOE Program Manager with the Manhattan Project National Historical Park at Hanford.

“They talk visitors through kind of that regional history on the way out to B Reactor, and then once you get there, they really give visitors a sense of what things were like back in the day: the race to beat the Nazi Germans to the atomic weapon, and to build a very complicated and involved complex like Hanford in just a matter of 18 months,” French said. “It was just a huge endeavor. And these folks are really good storytellers and very engaging with our public.”

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Tours will continue through November as long as COVID-19 cases remain low/green levels in Benton and Franklin counties the week before your reservation.

To find out more about the Hanford B Reactor Tours, click here.

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