UPDATE: I-84 Eastbound re-opened after truck accidents

I 84 Eb Truck Crash Mp 323 012121
Photo Credit: Oregon Department of Transportation

UPDATE at 2:10 p.m.: I-84 has re-opened in eastern Oregon.

BAKER CITY, Oreg. — A flash alert by the Oregon Department of Traffic, (ODOT) confirms that the eastbound lane of I-84 is closed due to truck crashes on the morning of January 21, 2021.

The eastbound lane of I-84 is closed from La Grande at Exit 265 and milepost 323, which is approx. 19 miles east of Baker City. Truck crashes took place at mileposts 318 and 323, according to ODOT authorities.

While the closure began in Baker City, it’s been moved to La Grande since Baker City doesn’t offer much in terms of safe truck parking.

Authorities say that there’s been a fuel spill that they’re working to clean up now. The wreck sites are also being worked on at this time. Anticipate closures for at least a few more hours, according to ODOT officials.

They ask that anyone who needs to pass through the area takes an alternate route or waits until they’re finished cleaning up around the area.

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