Traffic Alert: Three-car accident closes Blue Bridge, US-395 in both directions

Image Courtesy of the Kennewick Police Department

UPDATE: The roadway is now clear in both directions on the blue cable bridge in Kennewick/Pasco on US-395.

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Emergency first responders are on the scene at the Blue Cable Bridge, US Highway 395 in both directions following a three-vehicle incident. As of Noon on Tuesday, there is standstill traffic on the bridge as first responders attempt to clear the area.

Authorities ask that anyone in the area please avoid US-395 in both directions — Specifically the cable bridge connecting Kennewick and Pasco. Heavy congestion is backed up beyond the start of the bridge at the Kennewick entrance. One lane is currently open, according to a police officer on the scene.

During a Facebook Live video from the Kennewick Police Department, an officer said that traffic delays are expected to impact Washington State Route 240 as well.

“Our main goal is arriving to render aid as safely as possible. In these types of situations, please be reminded that emergency vehicles are going to need to get to the scene. If you are in a two-lane road such as 395 Southbound and all lanes are stopped, please keep an eye on your mirrors. Emergency vehicles may need to access the accident scene like I did, and we ended up having to have vehicles pull to the left and the right to create a channel down the middle for state patrol as well as other officers to respond,” the officer on the scene proclaimed.

This is a developing story that will be updated with more information once it becomes available.


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