TRAFFIC ALERT: WA-240 W partially blocked as truck, trailer lose tires

Image credit: WSP Trooper Chris Thorson, Twitter

KENNEWICK, Wash. — If you plan to commute on the westbound lane of WA-240 on Monday afternoon, you might experience some minor delays near milepost 42.

According to a social media post by WSP Trooper Chris Thorson, crews from State Patrol and a tow truck have been called to this stretch of the popular roadway because the driver of a truck and attached trailer lost control of his vehicle, veering off the right side of the westbound lane.

During the process, two of the tires on the attached trailer blew out, rendering it immobile while partially blocking the right-hand lane of westbound WA-240. Since this lane is blocked, there might be some congestion when trying to pass through the area.

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If you plan on driving through this stretch of the popular roadway, you might want to brace yourself for some potential congestion or avoid the area altogether by taking a side street.

However, it doesn’t appear that anyone was seriously injured and the vehicle doesn’t appear to have sustained major damage either. This clean-up process shouldn’t take much longer once the tow truck arrives and loads the trailer.

There is a good chance that the accident is cleared and the right lane of WA-240 W is fully re-opened to the public by the time that evening commuters hit the road.

This is a breaking traffic story. An update and/or follow-up may be issued once further details are announced.


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