Tri-Cities Cancer Center: Donate a meal to a patient, support a local restaurant

Tri-Cities Cancer Center

KENNEWICK, Wash. — The Tri-Cities Cancer Center is offering the community a way to help local cancer patients while supporting local businesses during the coronavirus outbreak.

“Our patients are not only dealing with the same things we all are – getting scared about contracting coronavirus – but they’re also fighting cancer at the same time,” said Elizabeth McLaughlin, executive director of the Tri-Cities Cancer Center Foundation. “We also have been so blessed by restaurants and stores in this community throughout the years so we wanted to find a way to partner those things together and make a difference.”

The center is asking for donations so they can send their patients a meal from one of their “cancer crushing restaurants.” In June, the center launched its Cancer Crushing Cuisine cooking series, partnering with Red Mountain Kitchen to help educate people on how to prevent cancer risk through diet.

In September, as part of the series they held an event called “Dine Out.” Local restaurants competed by showing off their cancer-fighting, nutrient-rich meals. The center will be partnering with many of those restaurants again, including CG Public House and Fiction at J. Bookwalter.

A $30 donation pays for one meal for a patient’s whole family. Their goal is to bring in $15,000 – enough to provide 500 meals.

To donate, click here.