Tri-Cities DACA recipients meet with Congress in Washington D.C.

Tri-Cities DACA recipients meet with Congress in Washington D.C.

Local DACA students spent Wednesday and Thursday in Washington D.C. sharing their stories with members of Congress.

The organization brought more than 100 DACA recipients from 25 countries, including five from Washington, to the capital to ask their members of congress to pass The Dream Act.

The act would replace DACA, allowing them to continue working, studying and paying taxes in the U.S.

Members of the Tri-Cities Dreamers club were front and center. WSU Tri-Cities alumna Ana Sandoval and current student Maria Torres Mendoza spoke with Washington representatives, hoping their stories make a difference.

“Our presence was a bold statement that we will change the future. We need to fix the immigration system and we will not stop advocating for Congress to take action,” said Mendoza.

Mendoza is a Mechanical Engineering student and the president of the Tri-Cities Dreamers Club.

Sandoval said most members of Congress from Washington are already co-sponsoring the bill and others showed support for immigration reform.

“They’re on our side. They know something needs to be done. It’s just what is the Dream Act going to have? There will be compromises. We try to briefly talk about what that could be and how far Democrats and Republicans are willing to go,” said Sandoval.

She said she was empowered by the stories of other Dreamers from across the country.

“We’re lucky that we live in Washington state where we can have a license, now we can attend college and hearing from other states like Wisconsin or others that don’t have that and how they’re still struggling and persevering,” said Sandoval.

Sandoval and Mendoza are just two of nearly 800,000 current recipients unsure of their future.