Tri-Cities dog rescue ghosted by shelter builder, community steps in to help

KENNEWICK, Wash. – It’s been about a month since Tri-Cities dog rescue, Mikey’s Chance, bought a half-built shelter from a man on Facebook.

Kate Kinion with the rescue said the man even agreed to help them complete it, as well as set up water lines.

“We paid him extra to do the setup, and then also run the electrical, and all of that, and he came and worked on Saturday, and then we had a whole crew coming in to help him with the roof on Sunday, and he just was a no show,” she said.

The rescue paid around $4,000 to have this done; money from generous donations for puppies that come into their care with Parvovirus.

“We have called and we have texted; we just have no response,” Kate said.

Kinion, who’s also a high school teacher, volunteers for Mikey’s Chance in Tri-Cities and takes care of the parvo puppies.

She said after being ghosted by the builder, the community stepped in to help, donating materials, money and support.

“Everybody does it out of the goodness of their hearts, all the money that comes from adoptions and what not goes straight back into our animals,” she said.

Kinion said this year they’ve been overwhelmed with puppies who have Parvovirus. Many of the dogs that come into their care come from people who couldn’t care for a sick dog, or had a large litter that all got sick and surrendered them.

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Canine Parvovirus is a highly contagious disease that affects the dog’s stomach and small intestine. According to the AKC, puppies need to get the full series of vaccinations before going out in public, where they could pick up the virus.

So far, they’ve received 42, which has surpassed the cases they saw throughout 2020.

The shelter, located in Kinion’s backyard, will be a place to keep these puppies safe and organized while they undergo treatment.

“You just don’t know what you’re going to get with this parvo and it effects each dog differently. It will give us a set up that’s organized rather than try to do it out of my house,” she said.

With the community’s help, Kate hopes to have the shelter finished by the end of June, complete with a ribbon cutting.

“So that everybody can see what we have put our time and energy and donation money into,” she said.

You can help Mikey’s Chance on their website, or by visiting the Facebook to see what donations are needed.