Tri-Cities dog rescue sees uptick in parvovirus cases

Dog Rescue Sees Uptick In Parvo Cases

WEST RICHLAND, Wash. – Just barely into January, Mikey’s Chance Canine Rescue has received 12 puppies with parvovirus.

Unfortunately one of them didn’t make it, marking how fatal the virus can be in puppies. According to the American Kennel Club, parvo is a highly contagious virus that affects the small intestine and stomach.

“The biggest thing that’s frustrating is, it’s so preventable and knowing that they are suffering, because it causes pain, it causes them to throw up. They are just the saddest little things when they’re sick,” Kate Kinion, with Mickey’s Chance said.

Kinion cares for parvo positive puppies that come through the rescue. She says it takes a toll on the puppy’s body and sometimes, they have to go to a local veterinarian for extreme measures if at-home treatment doesn’t work.

“We had 40 dogs last year, that’s 12 more than we had the previous year, we’re starting this year off with; we had 12 now it’s 11,” Kate said in reference to the amount of parvo cases they’ve seen.

With the increase in cases, Mickey’s Chance hopes to spread awareness on the series of three vaccinations for dogs.

“We cannot cure Parvo but we can help support their body through it so that they can get better and it is totally preventable. The vaccine amazing and it is relatively cheap compared to what parvo care costs,” she said.

Luckily, the rescue has great veterinarians to treat their puppies, but with 11 cases, costs add up. They’re raising money to ease the burden and help these puppies get healthy enough for adoption. You can support them here.


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