Tri-Cities drivers urged to slow down to avoid crashing on icy roads & highway ramps

Image credit: WSP Trooper C. Thorson, Twitter

KENNEWICK, Wash. — As the Tri-Cities are covered with snow and ice in freezing temperatures, more drivers are getting into accidents because they aren’t regulating their speed. Washington State Patrol (WSP) cites dangerous speed as a common reason for accidents in the winter weather.

WSP Trooper Chris Thorson, who specializes in the Tri-Cities and surrounding counties, confirms that troopers are actively on the scene of several accidents across Pasco, Kennewick and Richland on Wednesday.

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As of 10:55 a.m., WSP Troopers assessed a collision off WA-240; parallel to the 1200-block of Fowler St. Drivers are not minding their speed when exiting highways in the area, leading them to slide on ice and crash into various objects; and in severe cases, other cars.

This was just one of many similar incidents since winter weather picked up across Southeastern Washington. On Tuesday, Trooper Thorson reported eight collisions reported in the Tri-Cities area for that morning.

Crews from the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) are working tirelessly to sand the roadways and clear dangerous ice so that fewer collisions are likely to occur. Still, their efforts won’t matter if Tri-Cities drivers don’t drive with more caution in these conditions.

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Trooper Thorson has several tips on how Tri-Cities drivers can be safe in winter weather with reduced speed being paramount. Distracted driving is dangerous driving, so stay off your cell phone or personal electronic devices while on the road.

Increasing your following distance will allow for more reaction time, reducing the risk of you or someone else getting injured in the event of an emergency or sudden reaction to icy and snowy conditions.


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