Tri-Cities Gutter Girl shares her story of strength and integrity

RICHLAND, Wash. – It’s not everyday you hear of a woman-owned gutter business but here in the Tri-Cities, we have Marcie Torres the Gutter Girl.

Torres reflected on her life, years ago when she was stuck in an abusive relationship and wanted more her herself and son.

“Decided I’m like, this is not the kind of life I want for my children, I wasn’t happy, I was pretty much controlled to about everything,” she said.

Marcie, a previous insurance agent, knows the importance of protecting your home and what insurance doesn’t cover when it comes to water damage.

At the time, she worked with her former significant other to install gutters, but deep down knew she had to leave the cycle of abuse.

“My mom went through abuse, so growing up I saw that and I didn’t want that for my family; I wanted it to end, with me,” she said.

With little to her name, Torres and her son left, on their way to a new life.

After saving up money, Torres was able to start Gutter Girl without taking on debt.

“We would go to the swap meets here in Pasco, and we would sell t-shirts because my goal was to have my own machine, to have my own truck, have my own crew,” Torres said.

Three years later, Marcie is thriving.

She is able to provide for her son, and jobs for others.

She prides herself on integrity and paying attention to detail, like making sure the color of gutter matches a client’s home. Marcie said they have hundreds of colors to choose from and she’s particular about how a job is done.

“So integrity is important to me because your home is your biggest investment, you wanna make sure it’s protected the proper way. I would’ve never pictured myself doing what I do on my own,” Marcie said through tears.

Morgan Robinson with Domestic Violence Services of Benton and Franklin Counties said it’s stories like Marcie’s that are important to tell.

“She is a living example of that, look what you can do look at the other side of that, it’s not always going to be like this that there are steps you can take to have a different life,” Robinson, an Advocate said.

There is hope, Marcie is living proof.

“You have to do it for your children, you have to do it for yourself. My son was my reason to keep going,” Torres said.

If you or someone you know may be in a domestic violence situation, you can call the BF DVS at 509-582-9841 for their 24-hour crisis line.