Tri-Cities Helping Heroes gets food, resources into the hands of military members

KENNEWICK, Wash. — A local real estate agent has started a military-focused nonprofit right from her Kennewick driveway.

“I’m now married to a marine, my brother-in-law is a marine, and my family comes from a military background,” said Carrie Brennan, founder of Tri-Cities Helping Heroes. “So this is just to give back.”

Tri-Cities Helping Heroes is meant to act as a middle man – between those that have the resources and military families that need them. So far, they’ve partnered with organizations around the area including the Sozo Food Bank.

“Between the two of us we can make this go away,” said Brennan, pointing to a pile of food boxes brought to her driveway from Sozo on Monday.

The Sozo Food Bank is based in Kennewick and run by Sozo Church.

“People right now are in need but we’re finding that we’re seeing less people come in to our building because of the pandemic,” said Kristin Baldwin, director of the Sozo Food Bank. “So we’re seeing the need for more outreaches.”

When Brennan has food to distribute, she’ll post about it on her social media. The day before, National Guard members had brought food leftover from a local drive to her house.

“We’ll reach out and it’ll all be gone,” said Brennan. “It was all gone yesterday.”

Right now – with the help of organizations like Sozo – the main focus of the new nonprofit has been food. However, Brennan has big dreams going forward.

“We’re trying to point people in a direction and give them information, furniture, housing options, all of those things,” she said. “If you’re a veteran, you’re military, a military family, we want to get you pointed you to the right people.” 

If you’re a military member or veteran that needs assistance, or you’d like to partner with Tri-Cities Helping Heroes, click here.