Tri-Cities inches 1 COVID death closer to 200 in the area

Coronavirus Covid 19

TRI-CITIES, Wash. — Over the last two days positive COVID-19 cases in the bi-county area increased by over 260, according to local health officials.

Benton County numbers increased by 182 new cases while Franklin County increased by 82.

The total confirmed cases between the two counties is 11,565. Benton County leads Franklin with 6,263 cumulative cases.

BFHD also reported another COVID-19 death for a total of 192 community members lost in the counties.

The positivity rates increased by roughly 3% from the last reported numbers, with Benton now at 16.11% and Franklin at 16.27%. The target positivity rate is 2%.

Hospitals are just over the preferred readiness with 84.8% occupied. (target < 80%)